2018 Communication Studies Graduates group photo

Communication is at the heart of our interpersonal relationships, workplace endeavors, and intercultural encounters. If you have ever wondered why there are so many communication breakdowns in your workplace or how you could have communicated in a way to reach a different outcome in your family or romantic relationships, studying communication might be right for you.

Undergraduate Study

Our students are engaged and active in their communities and heavily involved in campus life. Communication Studies Majors seek to have a positive impact on the world while recognizing that communication is a powerful and positive conduit for change. The Communication Studies Curriculum nicely blends theory and practice. In their classes, students learn different ways of thinking about communication and put that knowledge to use through creating and implementing training programs, developing and executing fundraising events, forming online communities, and adding to our knowledge of communication through individual research projects. Learn more or contact an adviser.

Why study communication at Iowa State?


A Social Science

Learn to think critically and develop and implement evidence-based research strategies to address complex communication issues.

Learn From Experts

Our nationally recognized faculty share their expertise both in the classroom and through training and consultation with university and community organizations.

Apply Your Learning

Serve the community and collaborate with faculty to produce new knowledge.