Maeve McGuire, Senior

CATEGORIES: Student Spotlights

When Maeve McGuire (she/her/hers) started at Iowa State, she felt pretty certain she knew what she wanted to study. “I was originally a journalism major,” Maeve explained. “I took a few courses and loved learning about why journalists did what they did and how to do it effectively.”

“But I didn’t actually like doing it,” she continued. “That was my cue that I enjoyed the theory behind communication.” That’s when Maeve made the switch to Communication Studies.

Maeve now double majors in Communication Studies, Technical Communication, and has a French minor. Since making the switch, she has founded a student organization called Students for Open Discussion. this group recently decided to start podcasting their meetings. Maeve is also the Secretary for Society for Technical Communication, and the Student Coordinator and Peer Wellness Educator for ISU’s Student Wellness Department.

“I’m always looking for how I can adapt the coursework to my personal life,” Maeve shared when asked what she’s learned from her COMST courses. “I’ve taken courses like COMST 310 where I’m learning about other people and cultures which can really help me adapt to those around me to be a more effective communicator.”

After she graduates, she hopes to go to grad school to continue her education in Communication Studies. But for now, Maeve loves being part of the Communication Studies community here at ISU.

“I love how close and tight-knit all of the students majoring in COMST are! We hope around through classes together and are really good friends! Even if you don’t know a COMST major, we’re all super outgoing and inviting, so making friends is very easy. The same goes for the faculty and staff in COMST–they’re amazing!”