Ann Haugland

Academic Adviser
Office:351 Carver
411 Morrill Rd
Ames IA

Recent Award(s):
Haugland received an Academic Advising Innovation Grant from Iowa State University in summer 2014. This grant program is designed to support initiatives that will enrich the academic advising experiences of undergraduate students and enhance the ability of academic advisers to meet the needs of a growing diverse undergraduate student population at Iowa State University. The grant program also encourages and supports the development of innovative advising related programs or the expansion of best practices across the institution.

“Since employers are looking for people skilled in communications, this major opens the doors for our graduates. The thing many employers don’t realize is that this major offers a bonus: not only do our students communication well, but they have a deeper understanding of why people choose to communicate they way they do.”

“The great thing about this major is that it doesn’t lock students in to a specific career path. Instead they are prepared to go in different directions.”