Denise Vrchota

Teaching Professor Emeritus [PSYCH]



Courses I teach

Conflict Management (ComSt 218); Human Communication Theory (ComSt 301); Communication Training and Development (ComSt 319) and other ComSt classes as needed.


PhD: Adult and Extension Education; MA: Interdisciplinary in English, Speech, and Journalism

About my teaching

I approach my classes from a learner-centered perspective. That means you will learn in collaboration with your colleagues; learning will occur as you apply disciplinary content to solve problems; you will engage in self-reflection in order to assess your learning from these experiences.

Research areas

Instructional communication

Adult learning theory

Recent publications

Vrchota, D.A. (2015). Cross-curricular consulting: How WAC experts can practice adult learning theory to build relationships with disciplinary faculty. The WAC Journal, 26.

Vrchota, D. A. (2015). A view of oral communication in food science from the perspective of a communication researcher. Journal of Food Science education, 14, 36-47.

Vrchota, D. A. & Russell, D. r. (2013). WAC/WID meets CXC/CID: A dialogue between writing studies and communication studies. The WAC Journal, 24, 49-62.

Current research

Vrchota, D. A. (Under review). The Risk takers: The support faculty participants in integration initiatives say they really need.”

Vrchota, D. A. “Carpe Facultas! Seize the opportunity! The benefits of working with faculty in other disciplines.” Paper to be presented at the annual convention of the National Communication Association, November 19-22, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Outside of the university...

I enjoy movies and the arts, Zumba, gardening, and my three cats.