Tina Coffelt

Assistant Professor


Office:253 Ross
527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


When I was 12, my dad asked me, “How would you like to get $1,000?” He had my attention. That question led me to my first public speaking competition. I spoke competitively for four more years, then switched to motivational and leadership speaking in high school organizations. These early experiences with public speaking, presenting, training, and interviewing launched me into undergraduate studies in business management. It was not until I was having lunch with friends one day when one said to me, “Did you know you talk about relationships all the time?” That is when I realized how fascinating interpersonal relationships are to me. That was also the day I switched from studying communication in organizations to communication in interpersonal relationships. I remain interested in public speaking and business, however my primary interests are communication in family, friend, and romantic relationships.