Kayse Nation (’09 COMST) | Sourcer, Facebook

CATEGORIES: Alumni Updates

Kayse Nation (she/her/hers) graduated from Iowa State in 2009 with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in English. Since graduation, Kayse’s Communication Studies degree has taken her all over the world.

“After college, I worked for a bank for a year before moving to South Korea to teach English. I was there for two years before moving to Colorado where I got my first role in recruiting. Becoming a recruiter eventually took me to California and later Dublin, Ireland. I have been working with Facebook for about four years now.”

When asked about a class in the Communication Studies program that has helped Kayse succeed in her career, she said it was the theories course (COMST 301). “Ultimately, we learned about various theories on how people communicate and build relationships. My position requires me to build relationships quickly and earn trust. I believe much of my success is due to understanding various communication theories.”

Having a background in Communication Studies is becoming increasingly relevant in anything from building technical products, sales, relationship management, and research,” Kayse noted. “Be creative when looking for your first job–your skills and expertise are invaluable and you’re sure to find a great career path!”