Elizabeth Settles (’18 COMST) | Program Assistant, Communication Studies

CATEGORIES: Alumni Updates

When Elizabeth Settles (she/her/hers) graduated from ISU with a degree in Communication Studies and a certificate in Leadership Studies in 2018, she couldn’t have imagined how this combination would uniquely qualify her for the job she has now.

“I am the Program Assistant for Leadership Studies, Communication Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies.” Elizabeth also works for Krell Institute, which oversees fellowship programs for the Department of Energy. But Elizabeth didn’t find these positions immediately after graduation.

“There’s a chance one of your friends or peers will have almost immediate success after graduation, and seeing this may leave you discouraged,” explains Elizabeth. “I have taken time after graduation to strengthen skills on my resume, travel, and visit friends abroad. Try not to base your self worth on how quickly you achieve your goals.”

Looking back, Elizabeth said that Dr. Ruble’s COMST 210 course was a favorite. “She always guided productive and eye-opening discussions. My class covered a wide range of essential topics that surrounded diversity… my peers and I were able to discuss challenging issues together.” Elizabeth also fondly reflected on COMST 314 (Tye-Williams), COMST 310 (Jenks), and COMST 319.

“You can do it! Go Cyclones!”