Victoria Patterson (’15 COMST) | Human Resources Manager, Gifford Brown/Dee Electronics Inc.

CATEGORIES: Alumni Updates

Victoria Patterson’s journey after graduating from Iowa State has proven time and again that Communication Studies was the right degree for her. Victoria graduated in 2015 with a major in Communication Studies and minors in Journalism and Mass Communication and Apparel Merchandising.

After graduating, Victoria’s first job was as a recruiter, which began her career as a Human Resources professional. Within five years, Victoria had climbed the ladder and landed her dream job as a Human Resources Manager for Gifford Brown/Dee Electronics Inc. “My COMST degree has helped me in this role by having successful communication with my employees and coworkers,” states Victoria. “I utilize what I’ve learned from COMST on a day-to-day basis.”

Dr. Mark Redmond’s COMST 102 (now COMST 211) Introduction to Interpersonal Communication was a course that deeply impacted Victoria. “In his class was when I first learned about ‘protecting face,” Victoria recalls. “This has been a critical lesson not only [in] my career but also used in life.”

“Through all my positions I have recognized how COMST has prepared me for my career path. COMST helped my communication skills vastly that have helped me develop important work relationships and connections that have lead me to where I am now. It has also helped me in my role as a Human Recourses Manager. I have had to step up my communication skills during the pandemic and ensuring our company is prepared and well informed on a regular basis. From COMST I learned professional communication verbally, non – verbally, and via email, that I use on a daily basis. Always keeping ‘face’ in mind has helped me become a better listener and respond appropriately.”

“COMST is a great field of study,” encourages Victoria. “The skills you learn can be utilized not only professionally but universally. It is also a very versatile degree that can be used in many different industries. Your career options are endless!”