Faculty Focus: Dr. Tina Coffelt

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Dr. Tina Coffelt’s edited book, Interpersonal Sexual Communication across the Lifespan, was published this past fall! This book traces curious children, eager adolescents, exploring adults, committed partners and vibrant elderly in their negotiations of sexual development and changes in relationships. This book emphasizes communication research across several disciplines and would be of value to students in sexual communication or human sexuality courses. Here is what Dr. Coffelt had to say about the book and the research that went into it:

“I wanted to focus on a topic that’s hard for many people to talk about and give them some insights about bringing sexual content into conversation at many phases of life.”

Dr. Coffelt has been a tremendous member of the Communication Studies Program and the English Department at Iowa State for 10 years. She currently teaches COMST 203: Introduction to research methods and is working on revamping the Communication Studies Club. The Communication Studies Program is happy to feature the work of Dr. Coffelt! To learn more about Dr. Coffelt’s research read her bio here: Dr. Tina’s Coffelt’s bio!