Learning Outcomes

Communication Studies majors will…

  • Develop foundational knowledge of human communication
  • Apply human communication strategies in a diverse world
  • Evaluate and utilize evidence-based research
  • Cultivate communication competence

Assessment Measures

  • Alumni and graduating student surveys
  • Senior capstone research project (research proposal, final paper, and conference poster presentation)
  • Program curriculum consistent with the recommendations of the National Communication Association
  • Demonstrated record of achievement in courses that emphasize the application of relevant concepts and theories to an analysis of communication interactions at the interpersonal, small group, organizational, and intercultural levels
  • Completion of a service-learning group project that applies communication concepts and theories

By Course

COMST 101 Intro to Comm Studies
  • list the different theoretical perspectives guiding research in communication studies
  • understand the relationship between cognitive processing and language.
COMST 102 Intro to Interpersonal Communication
COMST 104 Orientation to Comm Studies
COMST 203 Intro to Comm Research Methods
  • develop an appreciation for the rigors of doing and producing systematic research
  • gain familiarity with qualitative and quantitative approaches to research in communication studies
  • begin to develop the skills to conduct meaningful research that has practical implications
  • critique research, noting ints strength and limitations
COMST 210 Communication and U.S. Diversity
COMST 214 Professional Communication
COMST 218 Conflict Management
COMST 301 Human Communication Theory
COMST 310 Intercultural Communication
COMST 311 Studies in Interpersonal Communication
  • increase awareness and understanding of interpersonal communication research
  • introduce/extend knowledge of fundamental theories of interpersonal communication
  • develop and ability to critically read and evaluate scholarly information
  • enhance awareness of the importance of effective interpersonal communication
COMST 313 Leadership Communication Theories
COMST 314 Organizational Communication
COMST 317 Small Group Communication
COMST 319 Communication Training and Development
COMST 325 Nonverbal Communication
COMST 330 Computer Mediated Communication
COMST 384 Applied Organizational Communication
COMST 404/504 Research Seminar