Communication Studies Rise to Relevance

“As universities and colleges retool to best meet the future and create the most informed and relevant future citizens, it seems that Communication Studies is destined to be high on the evolving educational roster.”


Bullies in the workplace

The stories are shocking and heartbreaking, but they are often disjointed and hard to follow. In severe cases, the narratives are even more chaotic. This is reality for victims of workplace bullying and a major reason why they stay silent, said Stacy Tye-Williams, an assistant professor of communications studies and English at Iowa State University.

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Alumni Spotlight: Steven Netcott

Steven Netcott (’14 Communication Studies) originally enrolled in the Management Information Systems (MIS) program at Iowa State University with a goal of working in an information technology (IT) environment. After taking several classes Netcott felt MIS was not quite the right fit. While researching other options he discovered the Communication Studies (ComSt) program and declared a new major. That decision has paid off.


Video: Helping Hands

Communication students learned how to better work together and raised $500 for Childserv for their COMST 317: Small Group Communication class with Dr. Tye-Williams.