COMST Student Conference Funding Request Forms


Communication Studies students are eligible to apply to the Program to receive funds to cover costs toward participation in Communication Studies-related conferences. Preference will be given to students presenting at conferences.

Guidelines include:

  1. The window to submit applications is within the first two weeks of each semester for any conferences taking place during the semester. Students are welcome to submit applications at any time, but this is the window when most applications will be considered based on funding.
  2. Conference funding will only be awarded for conferences, not trainings.
  3. You may be awarded a maximum of $250 per school year. Funding may go toward the cost of registration, travel, hotel, and presentation materials. Funding will not cover food or meals. Funding may not be covered for all estimated expenses. Recipients will need to provide receipts to verify how the funds were used.
  4. Travel mileage will be based on the IRS standards of the year in which travel took place.
  5. Submit funding request questions to Program Coordinator Kimberly Hope (

To access the form, click here.