Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate Study

Major in Communication Studies

The Communication Studies Program focuses on human communication, exploring the ways humans create and negotiate meaning. Communication Studies majors master a focused course of inquiry into interpersonal processes as they create and sustain relationships and impact individuals, groups, and organizations. The Communication Studies curriculum builds primarily on social science traditions in developing a liberal arts education emphasizing human communication. Students in the Communication Studies major study applied communication theory and research in interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural, and other contexts.

The Communication Studies (ComSt) major teaches students how to think critically, giving them the ability to examine complex communication issues, and develop and implement strategies grounded in evidence-based research. This prepares students for careers in business and industry and graduate education. Students majoring in ComSt will find their career opportunities enhanced in professions requiring applied communication expertise, e.g., human resource management, public relations, training and development, sales management, recruitment, event planning, sales, management, organizational development, business communication, law, and international and intercultural relations.

Meet with a COMST Advisor

Madison Akers Academic Advisor II [LASAS]
Christiana Langenberg Academic Advisor III [LASAS]
Jessica Hansen-Moench Assistant Director Academic Advising [LASAS]
Your adventure begins with your academic advisor. Madison, Christiana and Jess work with undergraduate students who are majoring or minoring in Communication Studies.

Minor in Communication Studies

A minor in Communication Studies requires 18 credits. See the ISU Catalog for specific curriculum requirements.

COMST Student Conference Funding Request Forms

Undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Communication Studies can apply to receive funding to participate in conferences related to the study of communication. Click the link above for guidelines and the submission form.

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