Alumni Spotlight!

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The Communication Studies Program is always happy to highlight the great achievements of our graduates. This past Spring, Aubrey was a part of the COMST 404 course, and her project focused on her internship experience as a part of a Talent Acquisition team. That internship then led to a full-time job offer! Below is what she had to say about the experience of being a COMST student and why she chose to focus on the Talent Acquisition team for her project!

Where did you intern and what were your job responsibilities?
I was the Talent Acquisition Student Assistant  at Iowa State from January 2021 until May 2022. Within this role, some of my duties included but weren’t limited to administering Postdoctoral job requisitions, which included working with hiring managers and HR Delivery, working to increase social media presence, publishing bi-monthly newsletters to University Human Resources for Talent Acquisition, as well as working on various projects and reports using Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

What will new role and responsibilities look like after graduating?
My title after graduation will be Jr. Staff Recruiting Specialist within the same Talent Acquisition team. Within the role, I will continue to learn the ropes of recruiting by working on full life and non-full life job requisitions (open search vs a known candidate). These steps include anything from creating the job requisitions to evaluating candidates and routing offer letters.

What factors do you think led to your obtaining this job?
The factor that I believe led me to obtain this job was the fact that I had so many skills in communicating with people via in-person and online means. Whether it be grammar used in a professional email or an in-person conversation, I feel that I had the skills to always be communicating effectively. I also feel I had a sense of professionalism based on past campus jobs I held, such as an Academic Advisor for the Iowa State University Academic Success Center.

Why has having a COMST major/degree been beneficial to you?
Having a COMST degree will be beneficial to me, if it hasn’t been already, because it taught me how I could effectively communicate with all types of people in different settings. I learned the importance of being an effective communicator and being authentic in every situation. Through classes that taught be about leadership, computer mediated communication, and organizational communication, I feel that I have learned how to communicate in the best way possible for each situation I am in, and this is something I can continue to grow upon in the years to come.

What did you study about them for your 404 project?  
I studied the Talent Acquisition team for my 404 project because I have seen plenty of communication within the team, and I know the modes of communication used. I felt that I could use a team I know so much about, but use that knowledge to ask the right questions to learn even more.

-by Aubrey Gronoski