Communication Studies Welcomed Alumni Brock Purdy

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On Thursday, November 2nd, the Communication Studies Program was happy to welcome back alumni Brock Purdy for a special event. Brock gave a private lecture to Communication Studies students focused on Leadership and Communication. He spoke about the importance of the skills he gained through Communication Studies classes and how they have helped him in his current role! Brock mentioned how communication skills are essential in his quarterback role, and that he utilizes communication techniques he learned in his classes as he communicates the details about plays to his teammates.

He offered advice like, “prove yourself right more than proving others wrong,” and he encouraged students to know their purpose. Brock also shared these words of wisdom, when asked how he deals with criticism from analysts and others: “I’ve never been one to carry a grudge against those who speak negatively about me; instead, I just always give my very best, and I let my work speak for itself.” Brock commented on how he tries to stay emotionally controlled and not get too high after a big play or a win, and likewise not get too low after a poor play or a loss. This led to a follow-up question from a student who asked Brock which teammate of his gets amped up the most. Brock received a lot of laughter from the student audience when he replied, “Definitely former Hawkeye George Kittle.”

Brock received the Communication Studies Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Young Alumni, which was presented at the LAS Alumni Award Ceremony. The Communication Studies Program is working to increase alumni involvement in the program.